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Kat is a comedy writer who creates episodic digital series including The Art of Making It and @TheInstaParents, and musical comedy shorts including the Mother's Day tribute "Shitty Homemade Art" and Beastie Boys "Sabotage" parody "Galentines", to name a few.

Kat's most epic acting role of all time is playing one of Courtney Love's evil henchwomen in Fall Out Boy's music video "Save Rock and Roll", which aired on MTV, and has 14M YouTube views to date. You can spot her maniacally swinging a crowbar and getting zapped in the face by a lightning bolt. As a television actor she is known for The Hunt with John Walsh (CNN), Street Justice: The Bronx, The Perfect Murder, Shadow of Doubt, My Dirty Little Secret (Discovery ID), and The Haunting Of (LMN). 

Kat directs and produces music videos, and her most recent music video Glitch Cake: Idioteque (Radiohead Cover) was awarded "Best Cinematography" from the Sweden Film Awards and Best Istanbul Film Festival. She was a producer for the micro-short In The Stillness of Summer, which was the Official Selection of the July 2020 Independent Shorts Awards and won Gold for Best Microfilm.



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 Recent work 


Kat performs in the trip-hop duo Glitch Cake, and collaborates with visual artist Claire Kwong to create live interactive projection art during shows. Kat marries trip-hop, dark disco and electro pop with music videos that are inspired by 1980s horror films, cyber punk, and modern dance.

Her recent music video "Transfer", which she acted in and produced, captures the transference of light and dark energy between two powerful enemies in a surreal cyberpunk landscape.


Kat is the content creator of the YouTube channel "The Drunk Bridesmaid" where she tests outrageous products like temporary sleeve tattoos and rainbow hair extensions, and teaches DIY hacks for weird and wild projects like growing your own pineapple, wearing Kim Kardashian's Skims around the city for a week, and detoxing like Gwyneth Paltrow.



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