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about me

Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Auburn

Kat Tingum is a film and television actress, and has been seen on CNN, The Discovery Channel, LMN and MTV Palladia to name a few. She writes comedy episodic series, most recently including "The Art of Making It" web series, and @TheInstaParents, a series made for IGTV. She is a partner of Ginger Spark Productions, where she produces music videos, pilots, feature films and more. She also rocks out as the front singer of the dark disco pop band Glitch Cake.

Acting REsume


Plexi Productions   |   Almost Brooklyn Queens (Pilot)  |   2020 (Post-Prod) |   Supporting

Sonja O'Hara (Director)   |   Pre-Copernicus (Pilot)  |   2018 |   Lead Actor

Jupiter Entertainment (Discovery ID)  |   Street Justice: The Bronx   |   2017  |   Supporting

Zero Point Zero (CNN)   |   The Hunt with John Walsh   |   2017  |   Lead Actor

Stephen David Ent. (Discovery ID)   |   Shadow of Doubt   |   2017  |   Supporting

Jarrett Creative (LMN)   |   The Haunting Of   |   2016  |   Supporting

Lion Television (Discovery ID)   |   Six Degrees of Murder   |   2016  |   Supporting

Kaufman Films (Discovery ID)   |   The Perfect Murder  |   2016  |   Supporting

Lion TV (American Heroes Channel)   |   Blood Fueds  |   2016  |   Supporting

Red Marble Media (Discovery ID)   |   My Dirty Little Secret  |   2015  |   Supporting

Lliteras Group (Discovery ID)   |   Deadly Sins  |   2014  |  Lead Actor


Ginger Spark Productions |   Mourning Hike   |   2020 (Post-Prod)  |   Lead Actor

Josefat Concepcion (Director) |   Bedtime   |   2020 (Post-Prod)  |  Lead Actor

Michael Milman Productions |   Taking It Too Far   |   2019  |   Supporting

Digital Series

Ginger Spark Productions   |   The Art of Making It   |   2019  |   Lead Actor

Special Skills

Kat is a disco pop singer-songwriter in the band Glitch Cake. She is proficient with Ableton music production and recording software.

She is a projection mapping artist for music videos and live shows. Her art was showcased at Judson Memorial Hall, NYC and at Spotify Headquarters (NY) as part of their monthly Music Hackathon. (Modul8 and MadMapper software)

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